• Funded extra constable patrols to cover the intersection of Creekside Green Drive and Kuykendahl Road to protect pedestrians.
  • Worked with Harris County Commissioners Cagle and Ramsey to expand the school zones and install other intersection modifications to enhance child safety.
  • Increased funding for law enforcement by a total of $3,851,485 for personnel, vehicles, and equipment, bringing the total law enforcement budget for 2024 to $17,867,267.
  • Added 13 new law enforcement personnel; 8 in the Montgomery County Sherif’s Department, 3 in the Montgomery County Constable’s Office, and 2 in the Harris County Constable’s office dedicated to Creekside Park. This brings the total of enhanced law enforcement personnel for The Woodlands Township in 2024 to 121.


  • On September 7, 2023, TWT Board will set the new tax rate at $0.1714, the No New Revenue rate. This will save both residential and commercial property owners a total of $8000,000 in 2024.
  • Favorable sales taxes, hotel taxes, and program fees ,which make up 68% of the Township’s revenue, have allowed the board to enhance amenities, prioritize public safety, and reduce the property tax rate below the “no new revenue rate”.


  • Persuaded TxDOT to modify their plans to add traffic lanes and sound walls to SH 242, which would have brought more cut-through traffic into The Woodlands. TxDOT will now improve turning lanes, synchronize traffic lights, and work with the Township to enhance landscaping in the medians.


  • Partnered with resident to prevent the construction of unwanted restrooms in the Capstone Park in Cochran’s Crossing
  • The Township Board was persuaded to reclassify Capstone Park from “area” to “neighborhood” to make this policy decision.


  • Partnered with Parks and Recreation to design and construct a water transfer system that will move storm runoff from Lake Paloma into the Hullwood and Kayak Ridge Ponds to maintain healthy water levels during droughts.
  • This solution has the added benefit of reducing or eliminating the need to pump valuable potable water from our aquifers to raise pond levels. This helps prevent subsidence (sinking) caused by excessive groundwater extraction.


  • Applied for a TxDPT grant to build a continuous pathway along SH 242 from 1-45 to FM 1488
  • These funds will be used to build a pedestrian/bicycle pathway between Harper’s Landing and Windfall connecting these communities with the rest of The Woodlands
  • This new pathway would complete a vital portion of the 2016 The Woodlands Bicycle Master Plan


  • Funded additional reforestation along the eastern perimeter of the Kayak Ridge neighborhood in Creekside Park.
  • These new trees will help protect home values, reduce traffic noise from Gosling Rd., and preserve the essence of living in The Woodlands.
  • Tripled reforestation budget for 2024

Homestead Exemption

  • Homeowners will receive the first-ever Township-wide homestead exemption, set at 3%.
  • Seniors 65+ and disabled homeowners will see their homestead exemption increase from $40,000 to $50,000, saving them an additional $1.6 m.

Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs

The Woodlands Township Board of Directors. Position 5

Thank you for your support!